Privacy Policy

As we are very much committed to safeguard our users privacy, we want our users to go through the Privacy Policy thoroughly, before registering with us. We at Chekhra give utmost importance to the safety and security of the information of our users. We have never got exhausted in trying to keep our users contented. We believe that privacy is one of the pivotal measures to form a healthy relationship between a service provider and the user of the services.

Have a glance at the following Privacy Policy :

  • As our system tracks every movement of your fleet and every moment in your organization, we assure you the complete safety and security of the tracked information.
  • In any circumstances, your account is not accessible to anyone.
  • Our high-end technologies and proven methodologies with Global standards will make sure that your account and tracked information fall in the ambit of complete protection.
  • Chekhra owns the sole right to modify the templates or upgrade the system.
  • The technology we are using will protect all the details provided by you along with your password by encrypting them. It does not allow any unauthorized person to access your information.
  • Chekhra is not responsible for any kind of irresponsible action on the part of the user of the system.
  • Chekra is not responsible for the instances like providing us the false email IDs or contact numbers in which case, we are more likely to send any information to those contacts. This is completely beyond our Privacy Policy.
  • Be wary of accessing your account. We want our users not to allow any other person to know the login details, as they may pose unwanted risks.
  • Make sure that you have logged out, after your business work to keep away any possibility of impending risks.
  • We at Chekhra take utmost care of safeguarding our user's information from hackers or anti-social elements but we do not guarantee the same.
  • We are not responsible for any kind of illegal activities carried out by the users of our application.
  • Any legal issues regarding the use of Chekhra services and others will come within the purview of High court of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Go through our Privacy Policy periodically, as we often update or change them.
  • Your registration and continuation with us as a member give us the impression that you have completely read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. For any queries and more details regarding our Privacy Policy or services, please contact us.


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