Terms & Conditions

Go through the terms and conditions framed by Chekhra thoroughly , before using our services. Using of our services will convey the meaning that you have completely read and understood our terms of use and you have also accepted to abide by the terms and conditions of Chekhra.

  • Any portion of the content, images or any other material available on Chekhra should not be used by anybody in any form. Infringement of any of the above said will result in severe consequences.
  • There would be some periodical changes in terms of conditions in Chekhra, so we would like you to have a regular glance at terms of use to know about the changes.
  • We do not take any onus, in case of any damage to the hardware provided by Chekhra, while you are using it, but we are always at your disposal to rectify any problems in the application.
  • We are at our own liberty to do modifications to the user access policy at any time.
  • As the pricing policy depends on many factors, we may make time to time changes in our pricing policy, it will be sheerly done of our own accord.
  • The business transactions will be culminated in a cancellation of services, if the user is found resorting to any illegal activities directly or indirectly by using our application. Apart from the aforementioned, such users will also be meted out the rightful legal punishment.
  • Chekhra has every right to take final plunge in restricting or halting the services to the users, owing to irresponsible behavior in using our application.
  • The authority to maintain the entire system always remains with us only. The transforming of maintenance of our system to other company is done only after the prior written consent with the management of Chekhra.
  • If above is the case, there will be additional maintenance charges and it differs in each case.
  • Any complaints filed by the users without informing Chekhra will not be taken into consideration.
  • Any legal issues regarding the use of our services and any others will fall within the purview of High Court of Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • For any queries or complete details regarding terms and conditions, please contact Chekhra and if you do not agree with or find these terms and conditions rationale, do not register with our site.


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