Real-time tracking helps in identifying and tracking location of objects or people in real time. The location of your vehicles/asset is pulled into the host server and live streaming of the exact location; speed and direction of the vehicle are offered through an application.

Yes, we offer offline tracking solution and it helps in tracking the past whereabouts of a vehicle. It can also be viewed in the comprehensive report format as well.

It works round the clock and all throughout the year.

As this application is offered on cloud, hence it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a computer/ smartphone and Internet connection.

Since the vehicle movement is tracked round the clock, when a vehicle takes an unscheduled route, necessary actions can be taken. The same applies to an asset as well when it is stolen and its whereabouts can be tracked as well.

This process defines specific locations on the map where in an asset moves in or out from the particular location, an alert is sent(sms or email).

All the authorized personnel who have been allotted the username and passwords are only allowed to assess the data.

Chekhra ensures full safety of their clients data as everything is stored in secure environment.

All vehicles can be tracked in real time without any hassle. For more information about Chekhra's real time tracking solution, please talk to our sales personnel to know in detail about the requirements.

Yes, Chekhra makes use of both GPRS (via Sim card) and GPS network for providing the tracking solutions.

Just log into using your credentials and you can track your assets.

Yes, we at Chekhra are proud of our after sales and service support. We take care of all the required onsite and maintenance support.

Yes. you are allowed to download our Chekhra mobile app and access via the application or open the Chekhra web application through your phone/tablet browser.

The recurring service charges take care of all the costs involved such as SIM cards, map licenses, software charges etc.

Yes, if you have the credentials, a computer/smart phone and a internet connection, the application can be accessed from anywhere.



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