Software Development

Ecommerce Portal Development

Ecommerce, which is actually electronic commerce comes with absolutely everything you need to sell online with easy to use solitary built-in cogent features and marketing tools that drive more traffic to your online store. This is a shrewd way of communicating within an organization and one of the most emphatic and useful ways of conducting business. We develop secured ecommerce portal, which will not only have desired static information with product catalogue but online shopping interface, client console, payment gateway and admin console as well which turns out your website' s visitors into customers. Our focus is to provide you with an easy to use and feature-rich Ecommerce website development solutions that allows you to personalize your ebusiness product offerings, improve your internet marketing effectiveness, and offer the relevant services that lead to hype and loyal customers.

Our ecommerce solution has hefty functionalities like:

➤ Business Based Graphic Theme
➤ Online Product Catalogue
➤ Browse/Search (Name/Category/Price)
➤ Special Offers & Hot Deals
➤ User Registration & Account Set Up
➤ Shopping Cart
➤ Integration Checkout & Payment gateway Order
➤ Tracking Inventories
➤ Shipping Policy

PHP Web Development

Some of our PHP development services include:

➤ Event calenders
➤ Blogs and websites
➤ Electronic newsletters
➤ Polls and surveys
➤ File management
➤ Website statistics
➤ Restricted access areas

Custom Application Development

Chekhra can custom-build to your specifications and necessitiesefficiently and remit on its promise of credence. We provide scalable and protractible architectures that support 24/7 busi-ness availabilities for our pandemic clients. We believe thatit is a combination of global, forward-thinking strategies andhigh-impact technology solutions which make us to build newfangled and ingenious custom applications.

The custom application development solutions we provide are feature packed with everything you wish to give your web presence a touch of splendor. We believe that it is a combination of global, forward-thinking strategies and high-impact technology solutions which make us to build unfamiliar fangled and ingenious custom applications.

Latest technologies and techniques are implementedhere withutmost creativity to ameliorate your business solutions.Our custom website design service works to develop optimal enterprise software solutions that relate to clear-cut budgetthrough various breakthrough interconnected applications andweb services.



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