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Most often we hear that children go missing every year from the railway stations and markets. Tracing them becomes a challenge both the parents and police. At Chekhra Business Solution, we not just keep a close track of children through our software but also close watch on their each and every move.

From young and old, Chekhra Business Solution can help avoid that feeling of frustration when you do not know where your loved ones are. Now, Chekhra allows you to keep a close track of family members, or anyone you need to monitor with personal tracking software. It allows you to check in on your subject's location any time you want.

Apart from tracking family, it can be used for managing the mobile sales force as well. Now, it is possible for a management of a company to know how much time their sales rep are spending with their clients, how often the sales rep are visiting the customers along with detecting which clients have not been focused upon. This will ensure that you have complete peace of mind by knowing you are connected to your loved ones.

Chekhra GPS Solutions

How does it functions

To view the location details of your loved ones, just install the mobile app on your loved ones smartphone and access their information in real time from a website or from your smartphone.

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Sales force tracking

With Chekhra's tracking solution, when you send your sales rep or marketing team on field trips, you can stay assured that they are having a productive day. It allows you to validate employee activity, amount of time spent at client locations.


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It is a common misconception that GPS tracking devices are considered as high - tech gadgets which are only useful for the large businesses. But they can be of great use to the average individuals' routine life.


Tracking kids

For all those parents, who often spend sleepless nights worrying about their kids and their adventures? Now, technology has come to their rescue with Chekhra's tracking solution.





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