Women safety

Women safety

It is a common misconception that GPS tracking devices are considered as high - tech gadgets which are only useful for the large businesses. But they can be of great use to the average individuals' routine life.

Almost every day, we get to know about the missing women, college girls. A real time tracking device in your loved one's bag will help in easily locating during the time of emergency.

  • Displaying the location and activity history.
  • Live monitoring.
  • Track movement on smartphone app.
  • Geo fencing for real time alerts.

Chekhra's tracking solution for 'women safety' doesn't require the users to carry a heavy device. Any Smartphone with a GPS chip and Internet facility can be used as a tracker.

So, if you are also worried about the safety of your loved ones, you should consider using Chekhra mobile phone tracking solution that will help you to monitor their location on a laptop, desktop or even a smart phone easily.

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