Assuring accuracy of Chekhra vehicle tracking solution

Online and offline tracking
Lowering fuel consumption
Tracking mileage logs
Boost to theft recovery
Elimination of unauthorized usage
Tracking lost parcels/goods of passengers

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Vehicle Tracking

Designed for tracking school bus ridership in a safe manner

For parents' peace of mind
Optimization of operations and lower costs
Notifying parents of their impending arrival at pick up and drop points
Monitor unsafe driving and poor/rash drivers
Monitoring the misuse of school buses and fuel consumption

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End to end tracking solution for cab fleet management

Round the clock vehicle location information
Real time tracking on Google map
In depth analysis over speeding, stops, route change, etc
Easy communication with cab driver
Setting geo-fence alerts if cab moves out of set area
Easy installation and setup

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Chekhra's people tracking solution helps you stay connected

Real time tracking
Geo fencing
Compact size and easy to carry
Easy accessibility on multiple devices
Alerts via email, SMS
Exact location finder

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Enhancing productivity & profitability by Chekhra's asset tracking solution

Boost security of precious goods
Efficient dispatching
Improve client service

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Chekhra sales force tracking keeps your sales team up to date

Control labor costs
Quickly locating clients
Efficient routing
Improved usage of company resources
Higher productivity levels and client satisfaction
Transparent billing

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Location based apps

Smart mobile apps for city dweller
Location sharing in real time
Find your way around a new city with location finder
Exploring the new hotspots/places to visit

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In the past few years, vehicle trackers using GPS has emerged as one of the most invaluable tools for monitoring a single vehicle ...

 School Bus  Tracking

When question arises on school buses' maintenance, there are two most important aspects which needs to be take care of...

 Sales Force  Tracking

Chekhra ensures that when you send your Marketers into the field, they are having a productive day. It also offers option for validating ...

Tailor Made Solutions

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Chekhra GPS Tracking System support all platforms

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