Tracking of school and college buses

Tracking of school and college buses

When question arises on school buses' maintenance, there are two most important aspects which needs to be take care of -

  • Student/Staff Safety.
  • Proper timings are followed so no student miss their classes.

Chekhra school/college bus tracking application has been designed keeping these two points at the topmost priority.

Chekhra Business Solutions offers the real-time which intelligence a school or a college needs to optimize their operations, bring improvement in safety and at the same time lower the transportation expenses. With the help of Chekhra's critical insights and capabilities, you will be able to -

  • Pinpoint the exact vehicle locations across your entire fleet in real time.
  • Sending SMS alerts to parent's one stop before pickup and one stop before the arrival of the students' drop point.
  • Monitoring, planning and also optimizing the routes for ensuring on time arrivals.
  • Maintaining the database for the drivers/conductors/ cleaners in the bus.
  • Keeping track of the driver behavior.
  • Provision of sending emergency messages.
  • Live speed violation alerts via sms/ emails.
  • Staying prepared for preventive maintenance with the aim to address issues or problems.
  • Keeping a log and report the route-activity details that are often required by the parents, educators and also the reimbursement authorities.
  • Managing the fuel usage with the aim to lower the costs and carbon emission levels.
Chekhra GPS Solutions

We at Chekhra offer every possible solution in regard to school/college bus fleet management. Our solutions are easy to understand and implement, and can be accessed via your pc, tablet or even a smart phone. Increasing the safety and performance of your fleet was never so easy.

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