Tracking of commercial vehicles

Tracking of commercial vehicles

Keeping a close tab of your company's valuable fleet with Chekhra's wireless wide area network and GPS equipped hardware is easy and simple. Let our team offer you customized solution for all your commercial vehicles such as heavy vehicles/trucks, light goods vehicle and earth moving vehicle.

Some of its top features are -

  • Live tracking along with a facility of maintaining backup data for 60 days.
  • Routing data helps develop more efficient routes and also find the closest vehicle when a service call comes up.
  • Data based on performance maintains a track of the mileage that helps in carrying out maintenance related activities on regular basis along with monitoring the vehicle speed for safe operation.
  • Alerts are helpful in bringing improvement in logistics and also minimize lower the operations cost by keeping tab of any service or delivery vehicles.
  • Responding to emergencies such as breakdown, accident gains speed as the asset tracking feature displays the exact location of the vehicle.
  • Sending alerts about the unscheduled stops of a vehicle apart from offering information about the travel and stoppage time at the scheduled locations.
  • Geo fencing feature informs if the vehicles have departed or reached from a specific defined area of operation.
  • Automatic creation of driver's logs which helps in elimination of the burden of paperwork and strengthening of driving efficiency.
  • Insurance or liability claims can be done with the exact time and location details.
  • Vehicle idling is a major reason for unnecessary fuel consumption. Efficient usage of resources can be done when it is known that the vehicle engine is on/off.
  • For the air-conditioned vehicles, even the ac on/ off reports can be generated.
  • It is best suited for dispatchers who are responsible for the vehicle destinations, business owners who are eyeing to get operational control, managers aiming for "on time" performance and also highly relevant for crisis management.
  • Easy recovery of stolen commercial vehicles.
  • Availability of offline tracker and advanced tracking reports.
Chekhra GPS Solutions

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 040 4260 3300or send your queries to We ensure that our solutions match your requirement, so that you can better manage your business, your time and enhance the productivity of your company.


Tracking of heavy vehicles/trucks

An advanced heavy vehicle/truck tracking system from Chekhra allows you to know the exact location of your trucks, when they will be reaching for pickup or delivery or what is the speed of traveling. With the help of reporting feature, business can be managed better apart from offering top class client service.

At Chekhra, we offer GPS tracking for trucks and other heavy vehicles that helps companies to increase their efficiency, profitability, safety and also security aspect.

  • Embed mapping of trucks.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Recording hours of service.
  • Easy planning of work schedules.
  • Keeping track of vehicle maintenance.
  • Receiving notifications when insurance, licenses or permits requires renewal.
Chekhra GPS Solutions

Chekhra enjoys valuable know-how and experience in tracking wide range of equipment. It can monitor and manage, including older machines effectively. For the fleet managers, enjoying complete control over their heavy equipment means peace of mind.

You can count on our team to help match your business and also offer the real support needed to solve a problem. Call us at 040 4260 3300and know truck monitoring systems will work for your business.


Tracking of Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCVs)/light goods vehicle

There is no need to mention that tracking business is not simple and easy in its approach.

Usually, the truck drivers have been found to be working for long hours and that too on rough, rugged roads. They often witness tough weather conditions as well.

Fleet owners also face a lot of trouble while managing the trucks as well. Various limitations have to be take care of while making the most out of the business. How well you are able to manage your fleet is responsible for making the difference. This is where a GPS tracking technology can make things easy for MCV owners.

Chekhra's live and real-time GPS tracking solutions allows you to keep a close watch on the fleet through a web based software. This integrated GPS tracking solution will help you keep a close watch on the drivers and inform you when they reach their destinations apart from monitoring them in case any rules for speed limits/route violations are broken.

Businesses, that use fleet trucks to send goods to their customers, can register strong financial benefits with GPS truck tracking solution. Only a GPS fleet tracking has the potential to give you complete control over your fleet of goods vehicle fleet.

Chekhra GPS Solutions
  • Lowering the fuel consumption.
  • Bringing improvement in driver's behavior by tracking the speed, engine start-up, shut-down, idling time.
  • Discouraging the truck use for personal work.
  • Creation of verifiable timesheets helps in streamlining of payroll processes and avoiding paying extra.
  • Increasing safety and security by sending out alerts at regular intervals.
  • Improving client services.
  • Automated reports on daily/ weekly or monthly basis apart from generating instant reports.

It is possible that truck tracking can be new to your business, but GPS is a proven technology. So, start tracking the activity of your trucks from today onwards. So, call us on 040 4260 3300and we'll match your business requirements with the right 'Track Your truck' technology and package.

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