Organizations that are engaged in delivering goods are often required to move from one place to another in the most effective and economic manner. It also means that the employees need to ensure that no inefficient practices are taking place within a company.

It has been found that people engaged in the delivery industry has to follow stricter regime. Some of the most common questions which often get raised are - how to increase the efficiency of the domain? How effectively does the tracking of delivery assets can be done? What sort of details one must gather about their employees work habits?

A tracking solution for the delivery industry can be useful for a number of reasons. Devices can be placed in the delivery vehicles for tracing their exact location apart from installing them on the parcels for securing parcels.

It is a known fact that delivery services need proper organization, planning apart from execution. By using a tracking device, the delivery managers will know the exact location of the deliverables. For enhancing the security of the vehicles being used for delivery such as cars, scooters or even trucks can be tracked using both GPS tracking and through tracking devices. Other essential features such as fuel sensors, door opening and closing can be monitored as well.

Chekhra's tracking platform can create customized alerts on the basis of the location in regard to customizable geofences. Some of the top benefits of using Chekhra's solution are -

  • Real time tracking of assets.
  • Route review and optimization.
  • Delivery reporting.
  • Lowering the delivery time and costs.
  • Reviewing the real time data and information.
  • Easy management of delivery drivers.
  • Monitoring the fuel consumption levels.
  • Ensuring safe functioning.

Big players from the delivery domain are successfully using the tracking technology for analyzing the routes taken and for enhancing the efficiency levels.

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