Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment owners need to ensure the safety of their expensive machinery. With Chekhra's tracking solution in place, the heavy equipment companies can keep a close watch on the condition of their equipment.

Now, businesses can easily have peace of mind by using a tracking solution instead of spending unnecessarily on securing equipment on regular basis. Maintaining a constant visibility and whereabout location makes it easy for the heavy equipment owners.

Chekhra ensures that questions raised on the safety and security of equipment can be answered easily. It can also measure the fuel levels; introduce geofence, and customize other relevant features based on the requirement of the clients. It can also track heavy equipment such as generators, storage units and other valuable assets. The devices listed below can be used for a variety of GPS monitoring needs for heavy equipment and machinery.

We can also add sensors to any of these devices for enhancing the security and maintenance. Some of the benefits of using our solution are -

  • Significant cost savings.
  • Improving asset performance and profitability.
  • Equipment activity.
  • Lowering inefficiency.
  • Curbing expenditure on maintenance.

So, if you are a player from the heavy equipment industry and are consistently worried about the performance of your equipment? Then, Chekhra has a solution for all your queries.




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