Only tracking software has the potential to track miners and personnel working in mining industry. It also helps keep track of the locations in the fields and equipment entering or moving out of the mining region.

Since mining is considered as a very equipment and safety intensive business, maintaining close coordination among the resources, administrators and also managers is essential. Mining operation often needs close functioning between different vehicles entering and leaving the mining site.

Chekhra brings improvement in mine management :

  • Quick access to specific vehicles.
  • Monitoring important assets.
  • Lowering of wasted time.
  • Locating speeding or idle vehicles.
  • Enforcement of work zones.
  • Logging vehicle activity for reporting and analysis purpose.
  • Creation of daily/weekly/monthly vehicle usage reports.
  • Improved labor management and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Theft deterrent.

Chekhra ensures more productive mining operations that help in on time project completion. So, call our sales representative at 040 4260 3300for better understanding the features of our tracking solution.




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