Chekhra Business Solutions helps maximize the productivity of the utilities equipment and also personnel with the tracking solutions for utilities. It also offers scope for optimization of the routes and also better the operations.

Companies that has been maintaining and upgrading public and private utilities have a complete array of vehicles and equipment that need to be maintained and also monitored.

It is important to answer few important questions such as - How does your enterprise track the location of its different assets? What are the different ways the location based service is dispatching repair units during time of emergency? What are the different sets of improvements does your company needs in totality?

With a help of tracking solution in place, utility firms will be in a position to label stationary assets, monitor the different mobile assets and also route them to particular locations based on the availability closest team.

The features offered by Chekhra's tracking solution are considered as the perfect fit for the various requirements. Our platform will be able to track the location of their assets, who is responsible for them, etc. Moreover, Chekhra makes it labeling of the stationary assets reality with Chekhra.

Utility companies engaged in the management of water, energy and gas lines can monitor their their mobile assets with a variety of Chekhra's tracking solution.

Key benefits

  • Lowering theft.
  • Improving ROI.
  • Increasing profit.
  • Live tracking on Google map.
  • Lowering fuel consumption.
  • Alerts on misuse.

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