Chekhra's tracking solution enjoys the ability to send the closest available worker to a needed location apart from sending clients a link so that the tracking of the service member can be done. It helps in increasing the client satisfaction level by many levels.

Quick response is needed from the cable companies and only a tracking solution can help them lower their response time apart from successfully tracking them.

Some of the relevant questions which arise are - How to track workers and their progress? How often do you want to know where your employees and assets are?

Every telecom or cable company usually wants to know the exact location of their assets, vehicles and also employees all the same time. The ability to find out who is at the nearest to any particular location helps in lowering the travel time. Also, the clients' wants a dedicated link so that they are able to find out the exact location of a service member.

With Chekhra's solution on board, dispatchers can monitor the activity of the service members apart from tracking different conditions like open doors, engine on/off, etc.

Some key benefits are :

  • Collecting power and fuel data in real time.
  • Lowering energy usage.
  • Strengthening energy usage with well-defined benchmarks.
  • Increasing data sanitization.

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