Food and Beverage

Food business owners depend heavily on the mobile distribution vehicles. Using a tracking solution helps in keeping track of the deliveries and mobile disbursement assets for securing products and raising the efficiency level of supply delivery.

Irrespective the size of a small mobile food cart or a big food service chain, mobile food distribution assets are assume great importance business. So, maintaining the safety of these assets and also ensuring proper use, owners should use technology to monitor their valuable assets.

A food service firm encounters question such as how to secure the network of food or beverage mobile distribution? Does your sale point changes often?

With Chekhra's tracking platform, food service organizations can easily trace their valuable mobile assets. Moreover, food distribution points can be monitored apart from tracking the location, speed of a vehicle.

It is believed that a tracking solution offers the food industry players with various opportunities for maintaining competitive edge over its peers by strengthening brand image, developing consumer confidence and also lowering of supply chain cost effectively.

Some of the benefits of bringing on board Chekhra are as follows -

  • Controlling fuel consumption.
  • Lowering of unauthorized Vehicle usage.
  • Jump in productivity levels.

Chekhra enjoys the capability to make the food and beverage industry profitable by optimizing the routes and lowering of risks. So call us today for an online demo!!!




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