Now it becomes possible to go that extra mile with the risen fuel efficiency and also better fleet efficiency that your company gains. Chekhra's tracking solution for the transportation domain will also help in lowering of risks and bettering the regulatory compliance.

Chekhra's tracking solution ensures strengthening the productivity of the fleet/vehicle, supply chain or any other transportation assets apart from easy management of vehicle/fleet, non-vehicle and/or supply chain assets. It is possible to raise billable miles and at the same time lower the fuel, maintenance and other operating costs effectively.

Chekhra's tracking solution for transportation successfully meets regulatory needs and also brings improvement in the overall safety and also productivity of the mobile transportation assets along with the consolidated data access all in real-time. Now, you can go that additional mile with the most appropriate asset location and status from Chekhra's tracking solution for transportation.


Some of the top features are

Real time tracking

Our tracking solution offers not only real time tracking ability but at the same time displays the complete history of the previous tracking recorded in the past. It helps in development of accurate trends, monitor the performance, etc.


Alerts and notifications

People safety is Chekhra's prime focus as we will be monitoring the movement of drivers, employees. You can always stay well informed with the instant alerts or the immediate notifications.



We offer a strong reporting framework offering access to a complete set of data which helps in streamlining of operations and collecting important information comprising safety of driver and proper usage of vehicle.



Confining the objects to a prescribed geographic location.Sending alerts on entering and/or leaving the fenced zones, vehicle delay.


Data security

Developed with the strong security features, Chekhra ensures that the private fleet, vehicle or even an asset is secure.


Key benefits

  • High efficiency and profitability
  • Lowered risks and liability.
  • Independent tracking.
  • Complying with government norms and regulations.
  • High on security.
  • Improvement in employee satisfaction levels.
  • Enhancement in ROI levels.
  • Decline in operating costs.

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