Government departments / agencies

Our tracking solutions has been specifically developed keeping in mind the needs of all agencies and supports security, emergency, infrastructure, law enforcement, and a variety of other tracking applications. It is possible to manage crises in a better manner and also take better decisions with Chekhra.

Description - From managing high volume traffic portals, tracking simple to medium duty vehicles, personnel Chekhra's tracking solution offers security, real-time data monitoring facility and access. Apart from offering customizable alert settings, it will help in the management of crisis and also support improved decision making.


Some of the top features are

Supports various tracking device

It has the ability to offer any type of tracking requirements. It has been developed from the ground, to be completely customizable in nature.


Intuitive Dashboard

It acts as the central place that helps in accessing entities, tools and features. All the different area of the system is just a click away, which helps in streamlining of workflow.


Scope for management of accounts

It offers a single platform to create, edit client accounts, which again brings efficiency in the regular operations.


Security Manager

Our solution allows the admin to bag complete control and permission over different areas, features and tools each system user is permitted to access.


Key Benefits

  • Live tracking
  • Ensuring driver safety
  • Accessible
  • Raising efficiency and profitability
  • Strengthened productivity
  • Lowering of operation costs
  • Alerts configuration

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