As it is one of the busiest domains, hence it is important to know where all of your construction equipment and operators are located. Most companies look for features such as tracking of vehicles and assets both during the workday and also when in storage so that it boosts the efficiency levels and help lower the fraud, waste at the same time.

Do you often want to find out if your construction site equipment has been moved without necessary permission? Apart from offering the exact position of the vehicle, simple mapping and tracking, it will go one step further by offering real time tracking facility.

We at Chekhra believe in offering constructive and real time information about the workforce in accordance to your construction site. The details we will offer will ensure that it helps increase the productivity and profit considerably.

Some of the benefits are :

  • Easily locating vehicles.
  • Monitor expensive assets such as generators, mixers, trailers.
  • No wastage of time.
  • Knowing the status of idle vehicles.
  • Alerts on speed, being idle, and location violations.
  • Enforcement of work zones.
  • Lowering possibility of theft.
  • Track routes.
  • Easy supervision.

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