VIP Tracking

Monitoring of VIPs and public figures stand as a big challenge, but it can be addressed by using tracking solution. We ensure that all important information related to location and speed of a VIP is accurately traced.

Consistent surveillance is emerging as the need of the hour for public figures these days. Companies and governmental headquarters require solutions for tracing important people for securing their safety.

The question which arises is how to efficiently track these individuals? Chekhra's solution has been developed with security and scalability in mind, which allows for easy integration with the available applications.

Usage of Chekhra's VIP tracking solution will ensure that your most valuable and important assets ie. people are safe. Our VIP Tracking can be carried out in various ways such by implanting a device that is always with that person, such as a purse, brief case, etc.

  • Easy retrieval.
  • Alerts in case of emergency.
  • Quick location finder.
  • Hassle free solution.
  • Exact location finder.

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