Child Protection

With Chekhra's offering on board, now the parents have a set of options and customizations that can be used for locating their children during time of emergency.

The feeling of a lost child can cause lot of trauma to a parent. Hence, it is essential to keep a constant check on the activities of child. But with Chekhra's tracking platform, parents can be at peace by easily locating their child if they get lost.

So, if your child wanders away or is abducted, only a tracking solution (easily placed in a backpack) will ensure the safety of your child apart from easily retrieving that child.

With Chekhra's tracking solution, parents are in a position to equip themselves and also their children with the best possible protection available.

Top benefits are :

  • Real time tracking.
  • Geo fencing.
  • Compact size and easy to carry.
  • Easy accessibility on multiple devices.
  • Receive alerts via email, SMS.
  • Exact location finder.

As technology has come to the rescue, now knowing the location of your child is simple and hassle free. So, speak to us at 040 4260 3300.




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